Your Teen Will Love Treatment with Invisalign® for Teens

At Barton Orthodontics, we want our teen patients to be excited about starting their journey toward straighter teeth, and Invisalign for Teens helps us do that. Invisalign doesn’t use any brackets or wires like the traditional braces.

nearly invisible

The aligners for Invisalign Teen are crafted from clear, smooth, and BPA-free plastic, easily fitting over your teeth. Their high level of comfort is matched only by their near-invisibility; few will even notice that you are wearing them. During treatment, you can continue to smile just as much as you will once it is complete. With Invisalign, your teen’s smile can transform up to 50% faster.*

eat what you want

Because the aligners can be easily removed for meals and oral care, maintaining good oral hygiene is effortless and there are no  limits on what you can eat. You can continue to enjoy all of your favorite foods, including popcorn, pizza crust, hard candy, and more, throughout your treatment.

do what you love

Although braces are an effective treatment option, brackets and wires can be uncomfortable.  In some cases they can cause cuts on your lips or cheeks while engaging in sports or playing wind instruments. In contrast, Invisalign Teen lacks any hardware and will not interfere with the activities you enjoy.